Thank you so much for making the trip so wonderful. Lots of love Doreen.
– Shipshewana IN

Janet – Thank you for the Amish Experience. I have seen some marvellous quilts, fabric shops and a
great time. Everyone has been really friendly and I hope to keep in touch with them.
Jenny – Shipshewana. IN

I hope everyone got home safely without too much trouble on Thursday. Mine and Beverley’s flight was on time 1.15pm and I was home around 3 ish. Couldn’t believe how cold it was here and had to put the central heating on Thurs and Fri evening! (Flaming June!) Managed to stay up til 10 pm then slept for 10 hours… woke up feeling great and back to normal. Today the sun is out and it’s warm again, so put the washing on the line and went to Doughtys Fabric Sale this morning and just had to buy 2 meters of fabric …. it was just what I needed!
My stash is laid out on the spare bed for me to admire for a few days before I put it in the boxes with the rest of my collection.
I would like to thank you all for your company over those 10 super days in Indiana, I enjoyed every minute of it thanks to Janet’s great planning.
I hope to meet up with you on another of Janet’s tours in the future.
Cheers Wendy Xx – Shipshewana. IN

Hi Janet. Thanks for a great time.
Here’s the contents of all the bags …….48 yds.
Wendy and I are meeting at Doughty’s tomorrow. Do you think they might take dollars?
Enjoy your stay in the west.
Beverley – Shipshewana IN

Thank you Janet for another excellent tour. Lots of interesting and unusual visits to broaden our knowledge!
Our reassigned plane had a throttle problem and was removed for mending, for at least two hours!
Probably as there had been such a lot of activity in places for planes which were flying, too many which were not, they announced that they had found a replacement. So we left at 5.30 and arrived just after 7.
We all rushed to 28 E via the train and arrived just as they began to board. So all ended well.
The plane was very modern, touch screen tv! It was full, lots of teenagers on a 12 day trip to London, Paris and Italy. They were quiet, thankfully.
We kept in a group until the exit. No problem with passport control.
My case had been opened and inspected! The bird box, I bet…
Hoping you arrived in good time. Thank you again. Best wishes, Marianne. Shipshewana. IN

Thanks Janet Not only are these a reminder of the ladies in the group it’s also a reminder of a lovely shop.

 Hello Janet – How are you? Have you recovered from our trip? I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful time. It was great! I keep looking at my stash and have some lovely memories. Don’t forget me for Lancaster! I will keep in touch and wish you well. Alison – Sisters. OR

Hello Janet, I am sorry I have not been in touch before now to thank you for arranging such an enjoyable holiday. The mix of quilting and all that involves and the beautiful scenery, surprises and the company made a really memorable holiday which I will cherish.
My thanks to you and I hope both you and your husband keep as well as is possible.
Sincerely Ann Ball (1st July 2017 Amish Tours) – Sisters. OR

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